What happiness is -1998

Leentje – 1998 Music in the style of the Outsiders, recorded in 1998 in studio Jos van Woudenberg on the occasion of Leen Busch’s 50th birthday. Jos Woudenberg writes with this song on his YouTube channel: The intro of “What happiness is” is played by the excellent harmonica player Jan Piet Visser (known from the ‘Houseband’ from Amsterdam). Leen Busch took him to the studio and I have rarely seen such an inspired musician. I would also like to draw your attention to the most delicious bg’s couple I’ve ever worked with: Yolanda and Neel. Yolanda sang a lot of background vocals on Star Street and Neel had her own band ‘Neel’ and she worked as ‘Edna Vesuvia’ on Wim T. Schippers’ radio shows. Those two ladies were fireworks together! The lyrics of the song are quite philosophical and make fun of anyone who adheres to any religion, superstition or philosophy. Happiness is and remains elusive. Personally, this terrible noise you’re hearing right now, it makes me very happy.   The other song on this CD is “Let’s call, next week or so”  

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